Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erie Canal Ride, Day 3, Quiz 3

Pittsford to Seneca Falls, (cue sheet pictured left) a lovely 62 mile ride beside the canal and through rolling farmland. As fascinating as it is to ride along "Clinton's Ditch" for days, it was good to see some other sites including Palmyra, NY. Birthplace of Joseph Smith the place where the Mormon religion began.

Palmyra is an immaculate little town of brick buildings, wide streets, parks and strangely enough 2 very nice coffee shops. The townsfolk treated us to a rest stop, an opportunity to pick up a free "I love Mormons" t-shirt and "Palmyra, the place the matters" pins. It was very inspiring. S. and I have often contemplating starting our own religion and this seemed really to be the place for a little dogmatic inspiration.

For today's quiz what am I doing in the accompanying pictures?

After that we cruised into Seneca Falls and camped at the same school we camped at last year. Dinner was on our own and after some confusion about the viability of local restaurants, we dined at Red's. Great burgers and an apricot wheat ale.

The tour hosted a gathering in the park where I heard one of the most unusual canal stories. Apparently, some 19th century entrepreneur with an interest in natural history has preserved a whale, loaded in on a canal barge and toured New York with it.

PS Today's quiz winner will receive one of those remarkable Palmyra pins so get your answers in early.

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