Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cow or Car?

We're on the road again! Traveling from Guadalupe MNP to central Colorado where we'll sell the trailer, then on to Oregon.  On the way we plan to stop at a few more National Parks, some cute towns, some quirky roadside attractions and have a few more adventures.

For the first hour and a half of the adventure, however we played the uniquely western car game, "Cow or Car?".   Each participant has to guess whether the next thing in road will be a cow or a car.  The rules are simple.  The car has to be moving, the cow does not, but it does have to be within 20 feet.  Although they are usually in the road, which does make coming around a tight corner interesting. 

For the first round we both guessed cow and sure enough with 15 minutes there was a cow, actually a momma cow and her calf in the road.  For the next round I stuck with cow, S.D. went with car.  10 minutes passed and then a car passed and S.D. pulled into the lead.  For the next round I switched to car, S.D. to cow.  We were nearing the town of Queen (pop. 32), it was morning and the cafe (the only business in town) was open so I thought it was a safe bet. Nope.  We passed a cow just as we came into town.  None of the cars moved.  This excitement continued for another hour until S.D. was ahead by 6 points and I quit.  There should have been a car somewhere but it was all cows.  And "Longhorn Alley" was still 20 mintues away.

Yes, life on the road isn't just non-stop excitement. There are some truely boring moments, even hours.