Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want an alien for Christmas

So... the irony continues. It appears that there is something I want this year for Christmas. It occurred to me the other night while working at EMS. One of our patrons got the most puzzled look on their face, apparently in response to a song that was playing on our musac disk. The song, "I want an alien for Christmas" by Fountains of Wayne, is a catchy, upbeat, slighly off beat little Christmas tune that I thought was somewhat mainstream. Well, it appears I've been working the holidays at EMS a little too long. The public is not familiar with this endearing Christmas tune. A tune more classic and generous in its Christmas spirit than "Silent Night". This tune is about universal, even global getting.

It is in that spirit that I have nominated this song as the offical EMS - Waterford theme song, and the best Christmas song of 2008, and in that spirit, I would like to share this song with you.

Adventures of a Nomad

Ironic that the previous post to this one, and this new series of adventures is one listing things I want, because right now what I want most is to get rid of stuff. Looking into the crystal ball (another thing I have to get rid of) it looks like I'll be moving for at least the coming 6 months, if not more.

Looking around the apartment, my home for the last 9 years, I realized there is a lot of stuff. Even considering that I brought little, and even went through clear out phases every year or so. Still there is stuff. More stuff than a nomad can reasonable carry along. One the one hand I could almost (almost) just walk out and leave it all. On the other, I've been giving select items to folks who would obviously enjoy it, and well, I've been packing some books, clothes and toys. Selecting the best of the years accumulations. Will be interesting to see how much of that is persistent. How much is the same stuff I brought and therefore thought was important 9 years ago and remains so today. Aside from some furniture I doubt there is much of that.

But the immediate question, the bigger question, is what to do with what's left. How to best pass that along to more landed folks. It's good stuff, and somehow there is an attachment to it and finding it a good home seems necessary.

Friday, December 12, 2008