Tuesday, March 14, 2006

June 7

Ghent to Brussels 67km (42 m)

From Vogelmarkt (center of Ghent)
  • Follow Vogelmarkt as it changes to Brabantdam
  • Continue following signs to the R40
  • 1.0 At a roundabout, take the thrid exit toward R40 Strads Ring/Dampoort on Niewwebosstraat. The road will become cobblestone, follow it around and you'll come to Tweebruggenstraat and then cross over a bridge.
  • Continue Straight and you'll be on Kasteellaan (there will be a bike path on your right)
  • 1.7 Turn Left toward Lokeren on the N70 and Zell on the N445
  • 2.4 As you reach a roundabout, follow signs to the N44t and Destelbergen. Go under a bridge then continue to the right on the N445.
  • Continue on the N445 and you are out of Gent.
  • Follow the blue sings Right to Zele and Laarn on the N445
  • 10.5 You pass over the highway
  • 18.5 Overmere; Follow signs right for Uitbergen and Aalst
  • 21.5 Uitergen; follow signs to Wichelen 2; as you enter Wichelen (23.5) turn Left for Dendermonde on the N416
  • 32.3 Dendermonde. Follow signs Left for Dendermonde.
  • 33.0 Turn Left for Andere Richtingen. As you pass through the area, head for Brussels on the N41 and Mechelen on the N17
  • 36.3 Turn Right for Lebbeke on the N41 and Brussels on the N47
  • 40.2 Go Left for Lebbeke on the N47
  • 41.4 Turn left toward the church, then Right at Broed and Banket (Jules Buck Street)
  • 41.5 Turn Left onto Laurierstraat; the road becomes Opwijkstraat
  • 43.3 Opwijk
  • 46.5 At a roundabout after crossing a bridge, follow signs for Brussels and Vilvoorde At the next roundabout continue Straight for Brussels and Vilvoorde
  • 49.0 Turn Left for Merchtem 2
  • 50.7 Merchtem. As you head through the town turn Right for Brussels 15 on a blue sign. Ahead 100 yards make another Left for Brussels 15. Keep following signs to Brussels and Wemmel.
  • Wemmel. Head toward Brussels.
  • Brussels. Follow signs for the Centre/Centrum
  • 64.5 The Basilica.

Brussels Camping Druivenland

June 6

Bruges to Ghent 43 km (27 m)

Heart of Flanders with several small towns.

  • Start from Novotel at the corner of of Katelijnestraat and Oude Gentweg.
  • Turn Right onto Oude Gentweg
  • 0.7 At Gentpoorststraat, turn Right and head over the bridge.
  • Cross over the Buiten Gentpoortvest (a major road marked R30)
  • After crossing R30 we're on the N337 (Gen. Lemanlaan)
  • Continue straight on the N337 following signs to Knessselare and Assebroek
  • There will be a bike path along the right side.
  • 3.5 The bike path crosses the street Continue along the N337
  • 8.4 Dedelem. Continue following signs to Knesselare on the N337
  • 15.2 Knesselare
  • 16.4 Cross the N44 and join the N461 (Straight ahead) toward Ursel 4/Eeklo 13
  • 21.2 As you leave Ursel, you'll come to a stop sign. Continue Straight on the N461
  • 24.9 You'll see Jubilar de Sportsman pub on your right; turn Right.
  • Continue following signs to Hansbeke
  • Take a left just ahead on Spinhout Straat.
  • 29.9 As you reach Hansbeke, cross a white bridge. Continue into town and just before you cross the train tracks, turn left (30.4 km) Stay on the N461.
  • 32.9 Continue over a bridge, and when you reach a stop sign at 33.6, turn Right toward Drogen 7.
  • 37.8 Veer Right onto the Antoon Catrie Straat
  • 41.3 Turn Left onto the N466
  • 41.8 At a roundabout, continue Straight on the N466
  • 42.7 Cross a large bridge and enter Gent.