Monday, July 17, 2017

Home From The Range

View from the Front Yard: Klamath Lake
and Mt McLoughlin
Two months ago, on May 18th in Colorado, we sold the trailer. The plan was to head up to Southern Oregon and spend the next year looking for a place to settle down.  It'd taken a little more than a year to find our last house in Beverly, MA. so we figured on the same time to find our next home.  While our criteria this time was extremely different this time too we suspected the hunt would be long.

May 26th we arrived in Klamath Falls, Oregon and went to look at our first....and last house.

The reason I haven't posted in over two months isn't because nothing has been happening. It's because something so awesome has been happening that I didn't want to jinx it by posting.

Today we closed on our new home, the photos (these photos are by a professional that the realtor had taken to sell the house) tell more of the story than I will ever
be able to, but I will say that this home is more than we had ever dreamed of. And that dream was a big one.

We wanted a home and land but we didn’t want to give up the “wildness” that we’d come to love.  In Ash Meadows, NV we'd grown to love the wide, dark night sky.  Tracking the progress of the month through the phases of the moon. Loving both the full moon nights where the sky and land are illuminated and the new moon nights of unimaginable depth.  In Alaska, at the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, we grew to love and know the countless birds and ducks on Deadman Lake and never ceased to be amazed by the views of far off snow covered peaks.  In Jacksonville, Florida we lived less that 300 yards from an eagles nest and watched two young eagles as they hatched and grew. In Texas we hiked miles and miles into the National Park, loving the remoteness, the deer, elk, javalina, bears , mountain lions, and again, the darkness of the night sky.

View from the Living Room
Somehow we hoped we could find a home that would incorporate all this. We knew it was dream. How could there possibly be a place with all of that? A house that provided just not shelter but inclusion in nature. Expansive views of mountains and sky. Eagles, birds and wildlife for neighbors. Space for animals and southern exposure for gardens and trees.

Our new home has all this and more.  We'll certainly be posting more now that our new adventure is beginning but we wanted to share the good news and also invite all our friends to visit anytime.  There's a beautiful guest room, and or a place to park your RV, just waiting for you. Hope to see you soon!
The Kitchen!