The Story Behind the Adventure

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. - Edward Abbey

In July of 2017, after two years on the road, Dave and I settled down in South-central Oregon.  Chiloquin is a very small town, typical of many western towns. Much of the industry is gone but the people who remain are of the best kind. The land is and always has been, even better.  Technically we are living in the high desert region but across the street from home is the largest lakes in the state. Snow covered peaks rise to the south, West and East. Wilderness lands and the PCT run along those peaks while National Forests and Crater Lake National Park cover the remaining land.

While we thought we were settling down, we really were beginning a whole new adventure. Exploring and living in this area is a whole new adventure


Prior to Oregon my husband Dave and I had been exploring the country.

On May 29, 2015 we sold almost everything we owned including our house in Beverly, Mass and hit the road. The dream was to spend most of our time hiking while creating the smallest possible foot print for living.

From that time until we settled down we'd been across the US, and all over the West. From rainforests to deserts, from New Mexico to Alaska.  It was a great trip full of wonderful views and amazing places. Footprint wise, we spent spent the first three months living in a tent and making very little impact. Moving into winter and colder zones we did upgrade to a small travel trailer. With only 160 square feet it feels absolutely luxurious to us, but is still one of the smallest trailers, and smaller than even most loft apartments.

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