Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Erie Canal Ride, Day 2, Quiz 2

Today we rolled along the canal from Medina to Pittsford. The weather was perfect. We passed lots of beautiful New York farmland starting with our Tent City. Medina, in fact, is so proud of their main agricultural crop that they have erected a sculpture of it in the canal-side park. For today's quiz - what type of fruit is it?

Today we also were lucky enough to visit the lovely town of Spencerport. Lovely in its restaurants and coffee shop! There is nothing so wonderful as really good coffee in the middle of a long bike ride. Sure Gatorade has it's benefits but when it really gets down to needing a boost, a good latte not only gets you speeding down the road, but also tastes great.

Somewhere along the route today we also met up with Sue who became in integral cog in an amazingly fine-tuned peleton. (But more on that later) In the meantime we toured Rochester by bike, saw the aqueduct, the Great Falls and almost died in traffic.
Yes - even life on the Erie Canal has its dangers.

Early afternoon had us rolling into Pittsford. An other lovely canal town. Sadly however, the first town to block off a section of the canalside trail for pedestrians.

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