Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Amster, Amster, dam dam dam

So...while I slept late this morning (confesses the old woman) Amy scouted out Haarlem. She discovered that you are required to bring your own grocery bags to the grocery store and that there is a large community garden behind the hostel.

We went to Amsterdam after lunch. Saw the red light district, lots of canals, with boats. All kinds of boats. barges and tugs, big and small and a sailboat with a mast step just like Albion! And it makes perfect sense here. (Albion's mast steps on the deck with a pivot attachment.) We learned be danka (Thank you in Dutch) and be danka I did not go to school here as I would have been an even worse speller. We also went to the Torture Museum and that was enogh culture for us. (Kitchie but with a very good political statement at the end that made it worthwhile). Also stopped in the VVV and bookstores where we found 2 fietsroute Karts that should help out a great deal here. I knew there would be bike roads, I didn't realize there would be so many,

When we returned to Haarlem (took the train to Amsterdam) we were happy to discover our bikes still safely locked amoung the million and one other bikes.

We're now tired again, but looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow.

PS Beth - We've enjoyed the stopenwaffles immensely. Amy especially thought they were /are great.

Hope all is well back in the USA

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stayokay Haarlem

Well, we arrived. We are tired, we went 10 hours without eating.

All the plane/flight/luggage connections went perfectly.The problem came when is was time to assemble the bikes and get to Haarlem. But with help from some great Dutch people we succeeded. Bikes still need a bit of work.

There are mountains in Iceland, and none in Holland. Lots of water and all we heard about the bikes is true. They are EVerywhere and they have their own roads.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Euro Tour 2006 Agenda

  • May 29: 21:30 - Icelandair FI630 From: BOS Seat Number: 15A, 15B To: KEF

  • May 30: 21:30 - Icelandair FI502 From: KEF Seat Number: 15E, 15F To: AMS

  • May 30,31 - Haarlem, Netherlands [map] [Hostel]
    • Maps: Michelin #211, ANWB/VVV toeristenkaarten 1:100.000
    • From the Arrival Area in Terminal 3 go to the end where the car rental companies are located. Go out the door and turn right. Begin by going left on the service road opposite the Sheriton. At 0.5km you pass a fietsenstalling (bicycle parking). The red paved path is the start of the bike path. This path weaves you out of the airport area, then through a bike tunnel. Follow signs to Badhoevedorp and Amsterdam. Cycle along a farm road until Badhoevedorp.
    • At 4.4 km cross Schipholweg (N232)and turn left for Haarlem. Follow the Haarlem bike signs for 11 km.
  • June 1 - Amsterdam to Gouda 71 km (44m)
  • June 2 - Gouda to Willemstad 84 km (52m)
  • June 3 - Willemstad to Kamperland 68 km (42m - headwind warning)
  • June 4 - Kamperland to Bruges 71 km (44m)
  • June 5 - Bruges, Belgium [map] [ Hostel]
    • Maps: Michelin #213, 214
  • June 6 - Bruges to Gent 43 km (27m)
  • June 7 - Gent to Brussels 67 km (42m)
  • June 8 - Brussels to Namur 80 km (50m)
  • June 9 - Namur to Han sur Lesse 65 km (41m) [campground]
  • June 10 - Han sur Lesse to 1/2 Luxembourg 50 km
  • June 11 - 1/2 Luxembourg to Luxembourg 50 km [Hostel]
  • June 11 - Luxembourg [map]
  • June 12 - Trier, Germany [map]
  • June 13 - Luxembourg
  • June 14 - Luxembourg to Montmedy 70 km (44m) [Route map]
  • June 15 - Montmedy to Donchery 56 km (35m) [Route map]
  • June 16 - Donchery to Reims 108 km (67m) [Route map]
  • June 17 - Reims [map]
  • June 18: 14:15 - Icelandair FI543 From: CDG Seat Number: 15A, 15B To: KEF
  • June 18: 17:00 - Icelandair FI631 From: KEF Seat Number: 05G, 05H To: BOS
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June 16

This is the location for DHL shipping (if we decided to ship the bikes home)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

June 4

Kamperland to Bruges

Includes 30 minute late afternoon ferry that transports you across the Western Schelde [schedule]

  • From the center of Kamperland, follow the N255 to Domburg 20, Middelburg 17, and Burghaamstede 17.
  • Follow signs all the way to Middelburg
  • Middelburg makes a great lunch stop. I especially like the poffertes, tiny Dutch pancakes available at several local cafes.
  • From Middelburg, follow signs to Vlissingen, turning when necessary.
  • 27.0 As you reach Vlissingen, follow signs on the N58 to Engleland and Breskens. To reach Breskens the ferry runs every 20 and 50 minutes past the hour. Crossing cost is 2.90 including your bike.
  • As you exit the ship, follow the N58 toward Schoondijke, Sluis and Oosturg. About 3 km ahead turn RIGHT toward Groede 3, and Cadzand 11 km
  • Follow signs to Cadzand and Cluis. You'll pass Groede. Don't turn off for Cadzand-head for Sluis 6 and Knokke 15. You'll see signs for Sluis and Bruges.
  • 51.0 In Sluis, there are marked and Bruges is 18km away.
  • Follow the LF1 path left to Bruges 15 km. There's a VVV on your left just past the turnoff.
  • 53.0 Belgium. In Hoeke, continue to Oostkerke and Damme, following the LF1
  • After Damme (windmill, market) Bruges in 5 km.
  • 71.0 Bruge

Monday, May 08, 2006

June 8

Brussels to Namur

0.0 Begin from St. Michel Cathedral at the corner of Rue d"Assaut and Rue du Bois Sauvage. Follow the Rue d'Assaut to teh end of the street and bear Right. Make an immediate Left down Wolvengracht in the direction of De Brouckere; pass the main street and turn Left down rue de Laeken/Lakensenstraat; the street bcomes Poissonniers Visverkopers; keep going Straight for Mons and you are now on Rue Van Artevelde.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

June 9

Namur to Han sur Lesse 65 km (41m)

Caves of Han (Grottes de Han) of the several cave complexes in the Ardennes, this one is probably the most spectacular. Guides take visitors on an hour-long tour. The highlight is a boat ride on an underground river

Friday, May 05, 2006

Seven Sisters Hookie

Today, May 5th, was such a nice day that I took it off work and headed North to hike the Seven Sisters trail near Mount Holyoke. The trail is described as "Extremely hilly with 3,700 feet of climb consisting of many steep hills with hazardous footing in places due to the many sharp basalt rocks that comprise the elevated ridge of Mt. Holyoke." There were a few spots that I had to lift Isaiah down. Also, bike riding does really prepare one for hill climbs.

This is a view to the South off Bear Mountain.

Trillium WakerobinTrillium erectum. There were many clumps and single trilliums on the mountains. They are amazing and delicate.

Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis

This appears to be another variety. Don't know how well it shows in the photo, but the leaves are greyish. (Speaking of which, has anyone seen my wildflower book?)

When I wasn't looking down (at flowers and rocks) there were some great views. This one is to the Northwest. That's the Connecticut River.

All in all, it was a good hike.