Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summers I, and II

Summer, for the non school-affiliated breaks into two parts. Summer I, consisting of the warmest days, is also the most populated. Summer II, begins the week the kids go back to school. Sure the morning commute is slogged by buses and the college kids once again block the isles of the green line with their North Face packs, but the rest of the world is sunny, warm, and blissfully quiet.

Summer I, what with all the hiking, hiking, whale watching, kayaking and visiting has been close to perfect. Oh, and also the gardening. (Anyone want tomatoes, zucchini, or Chili peppers?) Too perfect for much writing, but here's a brief summary:


We visited relatives in Florida, cruising down the ICW, and driving up A1A for a great meal at Boston's, a favorite hangouts from my old Delray Beach years. Also got to enjoy one of my favorite Florida pastimes, sitting on a sheltered patio during a deluge, drinking, with good company. And a new but related pastime, dinning out during a deluge. The staff at the Salty Dog were fantastic and accommodating enough to move us under the porch just as the skies opened up.


This year's kayaking has been mainly in the Essex River Basin where I'm guiding for ERBA, mostly on Saturdays. The folks have been great and the water warm. I've probably done more swimming this year than in the past five combined.


We did the Bon Ton Roulet again this year and all I can say is that on July 26 I rode 70 miles into a 30 knot headwind in 94 degree heat. And, from all the other wonderful days of riding that year, i was ready to get back in the saddle the next day. WOOT!

Whale Watching

Still amazed that less than ten miles from the suburb I live in there are hundreds of whales just hanging out munching on plankton.


Last weekend we returned to the 4000fters, completing Wildcats D and A on a perfect day and a perfect hike through fields of wildflowers and Monarch butterflies. These were our 45th and 46th. Only two more to go!

The Girls

A and A were with us for many of the summers events which puts a multiplier effect on the happiness level.

And now its time for Summer II!